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Only A Third Of Brits Would Seek Help With Hearing Loss

While hearing loss could be fixed with a simple ear syringing in Gateshead procedure, less than a third of adults would seek help for their problem.

Research has been released to support the National Campaign for Better Hearing, which showed that just 30 per cent of 2,000 adults who were surveyed would go to a specialist for their hearing loss.

This is despite nearly half believing having hearing problems would make them feel frustrated.

GP and TV health broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones was quoted by the Mirror as saying: “We know that hearing loss can be linked to loneliness and isolation, so making sure people are able to engage with us is important to keep our brains sharp and feel connected.”

While 40 per cent of people over the age of 50 have some hearing loss, the survey found that under-25s are twice as likely as those 30 years older to struggle to hear. This is likely to be down to distractions like mobile phones, which makes them bad listeners.

Dr Jones added: “As family and friends, it’s vital for us to determine if this is because the listener is disinterested or unable to hear us.”

The National Campaign For Better Hearing is calling for all over-55s to get their hearing tested. It also aims to make people more aware of the impact poor hearing can have on health, and to alert the public to the importance of looking after their hearing.