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Huey Lewis Releases Album Despite Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is debilitating to everyone who suffers from it, but even more so to a musician. That is why it is especially impressive that singer Huey Lewis has released a new album, given the fact that he started losing his hearing more than three decades ago.

Last week, he launched a new LP entitled Weather, together with The News. However, he has warned fans it could be his last record, as he often cannot hear the songs well enough to sing along tunefully.

“I can’t hear the notes – I just hear cacophony,” Lewis, who has Meniere’s disease, told NPR recently.

He lost most of his hearing in his right ear 35 years ago, despite the Heart and Soul singer being at the height of his fame at the time. He has since gone on to find hearing out of his left ear difficult.

Speaking about the album, which is the first original record the band has released in almost two decades, Lewis said: “It may be [my final album]. It’s hard for me to find pitch so I can’t sing to the music.”

The group worked on the music before his hearing loss worsened to the extent it is today.

He was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease in 2018, with the condition affecting the inner ear. As well as hearing loss, which can come and go, it can result in tinnitus, and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

It also sparks recurring episodes of vertigo, which can cause nausea and can last several hours at a time.

While the cause of Merinere’s Disease remains unknown, it has severe complications, including permanent hearing loss, fatigue and stress.

Indeed, Lewis revealed that receiving the diagnosis was “incredibly depressing” and made him feel suicidal. 

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