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Do Not Make This Common Mistake When Cleaning Your Ears

When it comes to cleaning your ear, it is important to be patient and careful, as too hard a hand can cause problems and sometimes require ear syringing.

Our ears are fascinating, complex and sensitive mechanisms, and for most people, the earwax that develops is part of the body’s protective systems, helping lubricate and clean the ear as well as fight fungal and bacterial infections.

Many of us as a matter of habit make one big mistake when cleaning our ears which can cause problematic build-up or even permanent inner ear damage.

The Golden Rule

Earwax can sometimes build-up, and some people just don’t like it being there, or there is a build-up of wax developing. Whatever you do, do not stick any object in your ears, including your fingers to try and remove earwax.

This is a common error that many people make, but it can make earwax build up significantly worse and is at the top of the NHS’ advice page on earwax.

The reason for this is that when you push an object into your ear, whilst there will be some earwax that gets removed, more often than not what you are doing is pushing the wax further into the ear and compacting it, which can turn a partial blockage into a full one.

If you are having an issue with earwax, try eardrops or speak to a pharmacist or your doctor about potential remedies.

If there is a particularly strong build-up, ear syringing and microsuction are also options.