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What Causes Ear Wax Build-up?

Everybody produces ear wax however some of us produce more than others, Some produce excessive amounts of wax overwhelming ther natural migration of the wax.  Other reasons can be:

  • Wearing hearing aids or ear plugs can block the normal path of the wax.
  • Excessive hairs in the ear canal can trap the ear wax and block the normal path of the wax
  • Very narrow ear canals can cause the wax to become impacted.
  • Using cotton buds or other items to clean the ear can push the wax further into the ear canal causing to become impacted.
  • Very dry and hard ear wax which makes it hard to migrate out of the ear (more common with age).
  • The Ear canal has Exostosis (Bony protrusions)  blocking the wax in and causing it to build up.
  • Abnormalities to the layer of skin lining the ear which mean it does not migrate sideways as it grows and sheds.